The name 'Boxhound' came about in 2013. A group of friends wanted to show that they were good at what they did, and at that time it was...going after and getting girls. Straight like that. In their own way, they believed CONFIDENTLY in their abilities to talk to girls and knew how to "spit game." The name of the group, brought forth ideas of starting their own Youtube channel, making vlogs and short series', selling merchandise, etc. However, those ideas didn't fully come into fruition until 2018.

Five years later, the guys have since matured hence the new meaning of the name 'Boxhound.' To be a 'Boxhound' is to be someone who is driven and determined, to go after whatever it is that they want in life. Driven to get that new job, start that new business, “get the bag,” literally anything


In March of 2018, about 7 of the friends sat around a rocky, unsteady table, using Voice Memos on their Apple iPhone to record. After a couple of recordings, the team invested in a Blue Yeti mic, downloaded an audio software and instead of using the unsteady and unreliable table, they upgraded to a 24-pack of tissue paper; placed on an ottoman. For most of their beginning and humbling recordings, this is how Boxhound Radio was birthed. However, things took a turn, and the team went from 7 members to 3, Ethan, Rubens and Graig. Such is life.


Fast forward, the three were able to begin recording their podcasts in a professional studio and even began video recording full episodes. Talk about a production upgrade.


The Boxhound team didn't stop there. They've been able to successfully launch a clothing line, Boxhound Merch, and even started blogging, giving their followers a different perspective on some things.


From the beginning, the team has always been an all boys club, however, one thing was definitely missing. A sound woman voice. Tamara was first introduced to the podcast as a guest in Season 2 but is now an official podcast member. Her and Graig even have their own segment called 'Hound Advice.'


The team isn't taking their foot off the pedal no time soon. Be sure to stay connected to everything Boxhound but more importantly, continue to inspire and motivate as much people as possible to go after their dreams and live life to the fullest.